Kosch Company

- Double Disc Mower


Kosch Company offers one model of a Double Disc Mower.  The unit has two 7’-10” Vicon Disc Mowers mounted onto a common frame(cutting width 15’-2”).  The unit is engineered and manufactured to perform in rough terrain.  The Vicon Mower features three blades per head which reduces horsepower and delivers a cleaner cut.  The common frame has a steerable axle which allows the unit to be narrowed for road travel.

  • 90 HP or higher
  • 540 RPM PTO
  • 2 bank hydraulic system
    • 14 GPM @ 1500 PSI
  • 3 bank required for optional hydraulic steer

  • Cut Width 15′ 2″
  • Weight 4500 lbs
  • Number of Discs 12
  • Number of Blades 36
  • Operating Angle 90 degree vertical up to double edge cutting blades

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