Model KPS Series - Gravity Table Separator



Gravity table separators are used for sorting of materials of the same size of partcles in different specific weight. They are used when the screen and air cleaning is not sufficient and high purity of the final product is required (cleaness of final product is hogher than 99,7%). Teh most frequent use of these machine is for cleaning seeds. Easy and precise parameters adjustment while the machine is in operation, including vibration stroke of machine table adjustment, the low power consumption is also an advantage of this machine. Sieve is made from high quality and long durability plastic material.

Compared with similar machines from other manufacturers, the patented drive construction causes significantly lower dynamic effects to the structures.Separate blowing fan is an optional accessory.Other optional accessories include sacking device for single outlets, aspiration table cover, exhausting fan, return screw conveyor and remote control.KPS pneumatic sorting tables are delivered in several sizes and modifications.The top of the table is inclinable in two flats, perpendicular to each other. Vibrations of the machine are made by a motor.

Large volumes of air are blown under the large flat sieve. Sorted particles are light in weight so they make a fluid layer. The light particles rise and the heavier particles stay on the sieve. This sinuous bed separates the light from the heavy particles and the vibrations and sieve inclination makes the particles flow to other drains.

Power saving operation
Easy and exact setup
Quiet run
Reduced vibrations
High quality of cleaning
Reasonable price
Excellent performance ratio

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