- Currants Stubber



Currant rootstocks stubber is designed for grinding rootstocks of bushes after prior removal of the parts above the ground. This way the field for new seedlings can be prepared much faster. Currant stubber KRET has a simple construction and a reliable performance. The result of grinding depends a lot on a type of the ground and the size of the rootstock. The working part consists of a vertical rotation axis with four blades. It may be necessary to add some additional weight to the stubber, f.ex two bags of sand.

  • Length 1275mm
  • Width 1285mm
  • Height 1065mm
  • Weight 150kg
  • Rotor’s diameter 650mm
  • Transport speed up to 20 km/h
  • Working speed 1,0- 3,5 km/h
  • Productivity 0,25- 0,8 ha/h
  • Required tractor min. 45kW (60 HP)

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