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- Model GP Range - Grass Harrow



With the addition of a leveling board, heavier duty tines and a rear roller the GP is a complete system for rejuvenating pasture. When fitted with a seeder unit it becomes a one pass system for overseeding or re-seeding. Standard equipment for the GP range includes front spring leveling boards, two rows of 12mm tines, two rows of 8mm tines and a 530mm grassland-Cambridge roller. Available in 3 and 6 meter widths.

  • These machines are able to level muck and mole hills, remove weeds and dead material, create fine tilth and consolidate the surface.
  • The GP harrow is fitted with a front leveling board, two rows of 12mm tines, two rows of 8mm tines and a grassland roller. The machine pictured also has ac PS300 pneumatic seeder fitted to allow over seeding or re-seeding in one pass.
  • A centrally mounted ram adjusts the height of the rear roller on the 3m version of the GP, this is used to set the machine level and done simply by adding or removing collars.
  • The next step is to adjust the front leveling board, this is done by simply moving two pins.
  • The height of the tine frame set using the pins at the front, this sets the position of the 12mm tines. The two rows of 8mm tines can now be individually adjusted.
  • The GS range of grass harrows are ideal for over seeding or re-seeing, for our range of pneumatic seeders.

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