Kromel Makine Sanayi A.S.

- Milk Transport Tanks



KROMEL Tankers, (mounted vehicle chassis). It's suitable for all type of liquids. From 1500 lt to 30000lt capacities. Isolated and unisolated design. It's suitable for long distances areas. High Efficiency – Optimization.

Technical Spects(mounted platform)

  • Isolated and unisolated
  • Flexible and stable connection principle
  • Heart, Eliptic or cylindircal type models
  • Capacity range goes from 500 -5500lt
  • Horizontal spherical and eliptic model application


  • AISI 304 - AISI 316 Stainless Steel body
  • DN 50 Butterfly valve Product Outlet
  • Isolated and Unisolated options
  • Ø400-500 mm menhole cover system suitable for capacity
  • Cip Line
  • Product evacuation line with collector


  • Platform, Ladder, Barrier, Pump
  • Optional Milk Measuring systems;Stationary or on the truck
  • Milk Measuring system's type;
  • KOMET 24.000 (24.000 lt/h)
  • KOMET 30.000 (30.000 lt/h)
  • OPTIMATE + MITEX III (54.000 lt/h)
  • High- efficient precision air seperator type 'KOMET'
  • 400 lt/min.capacity Pump System with hydraulically driven
  • The measurement accuracy less than +/- % 0,25 that works by magnetic induction transmitter
  • Full automatic Milk Sampling System(1-1 sampling system)
  • The possibility of data colleting and software in Turkish, English
  • The possibility of data transfer to central computer and farmer resp.collecting station.
  • Air seperator
  • Sampling System
  • Flowmeter
  • Data Device
  • Data transfer to external computer sytem
  • Hydrolic&electirical drive
  • Eletrical board
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • CIP Sytem
  • Electrical System (protection grade IPĞ65 conforming to the European standards)
  • All machines and equipments are built in AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel and special accessories for foodstuffs
  • Entirely built according to the European Regulation CE.

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