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- Model AM-S / AM-CV - Disc Mowers


The KRONE range of rear-mounted disc mowers offers working widths from 2 to 3.2 metres (6' 7'' to 10' 6''). The 2.4m (7' 11'') model features the legendary V-steel tine conditioner. The 2.4m (7' 11'') mower conditioner models boast the new wide-distributing hood, which allows you to cut wide whenever this is possible, such as in dry weather, and narrow in wet weather conditions or when using the mower for harvesting forage on a daily basis The unique KRONE coil-sprung break-away pin trips instantly and dependably whenever an obstacle comes its way. The KRONE impact protection system relies on an adjustable coil spring, which responds instantly and reliably KRONE disc mowers boast direct-drive spur gears that mount right behind the first drum. This design combines with a cantilevered tube frame to provide greatest clearances and cleanest cuts without blockages even in the most difficult conditions.

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