KS AGROTECH Private Limited.

- Model KS 9300 Crop Master (Super Deluxe) - Self Propelled Combine Harvester


KS 9300 Crop Master - Self Propelled Combine Harvester, is the best harvester machine available in India with a state of the art engineering technology for your Agriculture fields, this is a power machine with a Ashok Leyland Engine, one of the most Sophisticated machine with specially designed outer cutter bar which can Harvester fallen Crop, Heavy Duty gear with 1312 Big Clutch Plates , cutter gear for blades Movement, KS 9300 comes with six straw walker for better Grain Separation , and last but not the least a perfect Computer Balanced Machine as all the rotatory parts balanced independently.

  1. Chassis 51”
  2. Front wheel 18-4-30, Rear wheel 9-00-16
  3. No.of straw walker 5, No. of steps 6
  4. Weight 8500 kg Approx
  5. Cutting Capacity: Wheat 3-4 Acre per hour, Paddy 2-3 Acre per hourÂ
  6. Overall Dimension (Transport)
    1.  Length: 12030 mm (with trailer) | 6860 (without trailer)
    2.  Width: 2920 mm
    3.  Height: 3730 mm
  7. Overall dimension (working)
    1.  Length 8490 mm
    2.  Width 6335 mm
    3.  Height 3730 mm
  8. Effective cutting width 4300 mm

  • Ensures prompt efficient after sale service.

  • Single sheet tail cover.

  • Folding elevator box for easy maintenance.

  • Sheet channel type light weight reel.

  • Double paddle hydraulic brake for easy turning.

  • Specially designed cutterbar can harvest fallen crop.

  • For safety side cover provided.

  • Powered by Ashok Leyland.

  • Heavy duty gear with 1312 big clutch plates.

  • Cutter gear for better grain separation.

  • Safe straw walker for better grain separation.

  • Safe & decorate operator cabin.

  • Manufactured with the help of KS Agrotech Private Limited. (An ISO-9001:2008 Certified Unit).

  • Free tool and spare part kit with harvest.

  • All rotating parts balanced by computerised balancing machine.

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