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Model KS600 - Flail & Spray Sprayer



Combining haulm destruction and desiccant application in one pass offers cost savings without any compromise to speed or skin set. Developed in conjunction with Grimme UK to fit the KS600 three bed topper the flail and spray unit enables application of desiccant to topped stems immediately after haulm removal.

Reducing Desiccation Costs

  • Costs Savings – 50% cost saving compared to acid application and flailing.
  • Timeliness – Less reliant on the weather since no window between acid application and flailing is required.
  • High Work Rate – Capable of completing 40ha/day.
  • Flexible – Operation can be completed in poor weather conditions.
  • Quality – Improves skin set and allows crop to be lifted earlier.
  • Easy harvest – Haulm is completely destroyed reducing blockages and damage at harvest.

Technical Specification

  • 600l stainless steel tank with inspection lid
  • Stainless steel handwash tank incorporated into main tank.
  • Mounting frames to suit KF600.
  • Hydraulically driven piston diaphragm pump.
  • In cab control box
  • Pressure control switch.
  • Main on/off switch.
  • 3 section on/off switches.
  • Pressure regulation system.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Pressure filter.
  • Stainless steel venturi operated chemical induction bowl.
  • Stainless steel spray hoods, jet holders and jets.

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