Model KSD - Spiral Conveyer



Spiral conveyers KSD are destined to transport the bulk material. Its construction makes the usage possible in any direction (vertical, horizontal, crossways). Different kinds of infalls and outfalls minimize the conveyer´s needed hight. Infall type „MOLE“ can take the materiál directly from the mass or reservoir. Turns and material composition of the spiral conveyer is chosen according to the transported material (crops). It also influences the outer type of the tube construction, the plastic tube is common. Performance transfer between motor and spiral is solved with gear-box, belt gear or directly. Conveyers are produced as dust-resistant.

  • Building blocks design
  • Easy handling
  • High performance at the low input
  • Low costs and operation costs

Mentioned outputs are alid for grain groats during vertical and crossways transport.

Motor power input and spiral speed are selected acc. to requireed output and kind of transported  material.

Transported materials: grain, grain groats, sun-flower, corn, flours, salt, poppy seed, mustard, cole.seed, granulated materials, etc.

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