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Model KSF4 - Fish Pumps



Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik manufactures the well known KSF fish pumps, and since the introduction of the first KSF4 in 1970, four other KSF fish pumps have been introduced to the assortment

When moving fish from ponds, canals etc. Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik fish pumps offer a gentle, easy and fast transfer. In addition you are let off from hard work, because KSF fish pumps are flexible and easy to use. The pumps can also be used as a water pump in a case of emergency.

Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik KSF Fish Pumps are made of fibre glass, and stainless steel, which makes the pumps more handy and easier to use. All KSF Fish Pumps are driven by a hydraulic oil motor, which is supplied from one of our Hydraulic Power Packs with continuously variable speed control. If a separation between water and fish is desired when pumping fish, you can use one of Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik separators.

The fish pumps operates under water, witch offers several advantages:

  • Do not have to thin water down
  • No vacuum, the fish are under pressure and therefore there is no danger for divers paralyses
  • Possible leaks at tube and assemblages are of unimportant
  • The pumps can be used in all directions, which offers better possibility for the inlet of fish. Directly connected outlet from ponds and net plus filling with landing net
  • The speed of the pump which determines the number of fish is very important when sorting. This function is controlled by the variable speed control on the hydraulic Power Packs.

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