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Model KSF - Cast Body Sight Flow Indicators



KSF cast body sight flow indicators have a heavy duty cast construction to handle pressure and temperature requirements. A glass window on either side provides product visibility. Mechanical indicators to enhance the visibility of the media include flappers, rotors, and drip tubes. The cast body and threaded or flanged connections meet ANSI standards. Standard materials of construction are carbon steel, 316 SS, ductile iron, and bronze. Hastelloy C 276 and alloy 20 can also be supplied. Please consult the factory for pricing.

The KSF Sight Flows are available in two series - ST and HT. The ST series is designed for standard temperatures and pressures while the HT series is designed for higher pressures and temperatures. Please see specifications for exact ratings of each.

No Leak Design
The radial sealing method and the bolt-on body design provides years of service with no torquing maintenance required.

ANSI Rated
The cast body and the threaded or flanged connection meet ANSI standards. Flanged models conform to standard ANSI mounting dimensions; threaded models are provided with standard NPTF threads. All flanged units are supplied with 150 lbs. raised-face flange. The 2', 3', and 4' can be supplied with 300 lb. flanges.

3 Year Warranty
All KSF sight flow indicators are guaranteed free from defects in material and workmanship for 3 years from date of shipment. If a unit fails within the first 3 years, Kenco will supply replacement parts or replace the unit at our expense.

Unit may be mounted in any direction and flow is bi-directional. Used to indicate easily visible fluids or lack of same to detect color clarity of turbulence of fluids.

Units may be mounted either horizontally or vertically with upward flow. These units are used with clear fluids.

Unit my be mounted in any direction. Right to left flow is standard. Specify if left to right flow is required. Rotor is highly visible. The units are designed for clear, translucent or dark fluids. Standard rotor material is Delrin. PTFE is available as an option.

Drip Tube
Units are designed for vertical application only with downward flow. They are recommended for intermittent gravity or extremely low flow rates.

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