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- Model 4808NGA Series - Seed Applicator



KSi Conveyors Inc. – a leader in seed handling and seed treatment applications – revealed the KSi 4808NGA Seed Applicator during the 2013 fall farm show season, introducing the most advanced and accurate seed treatment technology and equipment in the industry. The Patent-Pending KSi Applicator features numerous technological advances and design elements that address some of the most common challenges in the seed treatment industry today.

• Lower installation height for more efficient use of existing space
• Improved Applicator Head accessibility for easier inspection and removal
• Improved chemical delivery for initial application efficiency and accuracy
• Improved mixing and conditioning process for optimal plant-ability and appearance
• Faster Drum clean-out for increased throughput
• Integration with KSi Automation for more accurate and flexible process control

• Seed Flow Distribution Device – manages a wide range of incoming seed flow rates and distributes the flow into a uniform “seed curtain” at the point of chemical application.
• Applicator Head / Atomizer Disc – atomizes and applies a consistent, even chemical distribution onto the seed curtain which coats the seed more evenly, allowing the Drum to advance the conditioning process forward, without any need to compensate for inadequate chemical coverage at the Atomizer.
• Drum – mixes and conditions the treated seed, using engineered placement of mixing paddles and distribution baffles to control the flow of seed for maximum plant-ability and appearance.
• Discharge Process – dynamically lifts conditioned, polished seed out of the Drum into the load-out conveyor, for quick and complete clean-out from the Drum’s unique, low-profile position.
• KSi Automation Integration – leverages state-of-the-art technology and advancements of KSi Automation to optimize the capabilities of the equipment and hardware design elements.
• Accessibility – easily access the Applicator Head and Drum for routine maintenance, service and inspection with simple latches and generous access openings.

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