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- Model BX1870 - Tractor


The Kubota diesel engines of the BX-Series tractors have several very important advantages over gasoline-powered engines. First: torque. Diesel engines offer greater torque giving them far more power. They are also less likely to slow down or stall when pushed to their limits.They boast far lower fuel consumption than gasoline engines—typically using 20% to 30% less fuel. They typically require far less maintenance, and don’t require the fuel to be replaced even after long-term storage.

BX-Series tractors are equipped with 18 and 23 HP diesel engines (BX1870/BX2370/ BX2670 and BX25D respectively), as well as a new 25.5 HP diesel engine (BX2670). These 3-cylinder workhorses offer unparalleled power for tractors this size, and more than enough muscle for all your gardening and mowing duties.


Kubota BX-Series tractors also feature a rugged and sturdy 4-wheel drive (4WD). This gives BX tractors far greater traction and is essential for heavy-duty front-loader work and for operating other implements.

Quarter-Inching Valve

With increments of ¼” at the lower link end, our quarter inching valve provides easier implement control. The lever guide’s regulator allows smaller adjustments, which are often required when attaching/detaching 3-point mounted implements or when performing sensitive jobs. 

Bright Halogen Headlights

The halogen headlights of the BX offer a clear bright light at dawn, dusk or dark of night. Furthermore, their casing and style have been designed to give the tractor a sleeker look.

Front Implement 4-Position Control Valve

Our standard front 4-position valve (tractor can also be ordered without valve) provides you with the ability to attach the front loader and other front-mounted implements quickly and easily. Furthermore, the valve does not get in the way and gives the tractor a clean and sleek look. The colour coded lines ensures quick and correct connections. 

Reverse Air Flow

The BX-Series radiator is positioned in the middle of the tractor rather than the front. So, airflow is taken in from the operator area and pushed towards the front of the hood. This reduces overheating, prevents grass from getting in the radiator grill and helps the operator stay cooler.

  • Model Name: BX1870 / BX1870V


  • Make: Kubota
  • Model: D722
  • Type: Liquid-cooled, 3 cylinder diesel
  • Cooling Liquid cooled
  • Number of cycles: 4 Cycle
  • Aspiration: Naturally
  • Cylinders 3 Cylinder
  • Bore and stroke: 2.64 x 2.68 in. (67 x 68 mm)
  • Displacement: 43.9 cu. in. (719 cc)
  • Horsepower: 
  • Engine gross @ rpm: 18.0 HP (13.4 kw)
  • Engine net @ rpm: 16.6 HP (12.4 kw)
  • PTO @ rpm: 13.7 HP (10.2 kw)
  • Cooling system: Liquid Cooled w/ Pressurized Radiator
  • Cold weather start aid: Glow plugs
  • Exhaust/muffler: Under-the-hood muffler with side exhaust
  • Air filter: Paper Filter w/ Cyclone Precleaner
  • Oil filter: Replaceable Treated Paper Element

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