Great Plains

- Model DM1017 - Disc Mower

The new Kubota DM1017 disc mower has effective and reliable performance field after field – featuring a 5'6' working width, heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar with spring-loaded BreakAway protection, and more.

Cutting Width - 5'6'
Weight - 860lbs
Transport Width - 3'9'

Hitch - Category 1&2
PTO - 540
Min. PTO HP required - 36

# of discs & knives - 4/12
Remotes - 1
Cutterbar operating angle - -45deg/+45deg
Stubble height - .78'-1.97'

  • Three-Bladed Discs - With three blades per disc Kubota mowers are constantly cutting. This means a third less load per blade; an even load on the drive; smoother power usage; and produces a neat, cleanly cut stubble.
  • Fully Welded Cutterbar - The fully weld ed Kubota cutterbar with overlapping C-channels makes for a very stiff and strong design, ensuring very high level of durability.
  • Vertical Transport Position - When in transport, the mo wers are folded to a vertical position well behind the tractor. The center of gravity is close to the tractor, which ensures excellent weight distribution and transport stability.
  • Fast Lift on Headlands- The mower is easily lift ed via a hydraulic cylinder without activating the tractor’s 3pt linkage. The advantage is less wear on tractor and machine, as the PTO stays in the same position, minimizing vibrations in the transmission.
  • BreakAway - When an ob stacle is encountered, the DM1000 series swings backwards to protect the cutterbar. By reversing the mower is reset into working position.

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