- Model Ultra Clima - Greenhouse


The Ultra-Clima is not a new greenhouse, but an entirely new growing concept. By using innovative technologies, KUBO has developed a concept that is revolutionary in every way. The possibilities of controlling the climate in the Ultra-Clima go far beyond what is possible in conventional greenhouses. This makes it possible to grow crops in ideal conditions. The use of fans creates a uniform climate throughout the Ultra-Clima. Overpressure prevents insects from entering the space. This lowers the disease and infestation burden, lessening the need for crop protection. The Ultra-Clima also makes it possible to cultivate with minimal consumption of fossil fuels. Or to even use heating sources that do not impact the environment at all, such as geothermal heating. By burning less energy, CO2 emissions are optimised significantly. The reuse of water also guarantees minimal use of scarce water.


This combination of factors makes a much higher return possible. Positive experiences have been amassed with the concept on approximately 175 hectares worldwide. The Ultra-Clima® has since proven itself in various climate conditions and with different crops. Constant innovation ensures that the concept is always being further perfected.

KUBO uses its service organisation ClimaConnect (link to ClimaConnect) to support users. This organisation helps users get the maximum return from their investment by providing thorough feasibility studies, management support and constant monitoring.

Based on the proven successes in practice, we can say with confidence that: ‘Ultra-Clima® is the ultimate growing environment!'

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