- Model PF 1000 - 1500 - Integrated Sprayers



Lacking in autonomy? An excellent solution is the PF front sprayer. It increases the productivity of a mounted sprayer as well as balances out the load on the tractor while remaining exceptionally compact. This sprayer offers excellent handling and increases output to the equivalent of a trailed or self-propelled sprayer. Combined with the ALTIS 2002, this spraying duo reaches a record capacity of 3,500 liters (3,940 actual liters). Dead space is minimized with the single pipe that links it all together. It has a cradle-shaped Design in machine-welded steel, to provide a secure fit for the 3 tanks. Like a conventional sprayer, the PF is equipped with set-up, electric or piston-diaphragm pumps, a rinsing tank, a hand-washing tank and storage compartments. Rear transfer is carried out with a single pipe, reducing dead space. A wide range of optional equipment is available.

Capacity (l) 1000 - 1500
Real tank capacity (l) 1160 - 1660
Type of tank Polyethylene
Rinsing tank (l) 190
Product incorporation sieve with container rinser (l) Stainless steel sieve as an option
Tank rotating rinser As standard
Transfer pipes As standard – 7m Cam-LOCK connection
Height (m) 1000 : 1.25 - 1500 : 1.51
Length (m) 1.3
Width (m) 2.4
Unloaded weight (kg) 1000 : 330 - 1500 : 400

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