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- Model AGT 6036 - Boom Fertilizer Spreader


The new boom fertilizer spreader AGT 6036 is designed for very large farms and agricultural contractors. With a capacity of 6 300 litres, the AGT specializes in nitrogen-based fertilizers. It ensures perfectly even spreading with nitrogen (urea or ammonium nitrate) or ammonium sulphate fertilizer (granular, prilled or cristalline form), at a width of 36 m, even in difficult weather conditions. A wider spread to cover more acres a day. 2 powerful blowers transfer the fertilizer from the 6 metering units to the ducts that release the fertilizer over the crop. The boom is made of stainless steel to avoid any corrosion from the fertilizer. The axle is equipped with hydro-pneumatic suspension for maximum comfort and safety on the road as well as in the field. Thanks to a GPS link, 6 sections can automatically be shut down in order to avoid overlapping in corners.

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