- Model TDH 7300-18R - Seed Bed Tandem Disc Harrow



In sizes from 18' to 34', the Kuhn Kruase 7300 Flex Wing Tandem Disc Harrow offers a wide range of standard and optional equipment choices to match the specific tillage needs of your farm. Kuhn Krause 7300 Rock-Flex model discs feature C-Flex type bearing arms to 'flex' over stones and other obstacles. The 7300 cuts, sizes, and mixes residue into the soil for faster breakdown and earlier soil warm-up. Soil and residue are mixed thoroughly by the 22' full concavity disc blades enhancing soil tilth in the root zone. The 7300 features a 17 degree front and rear gang angle. The 17 degree gang angles give the 7300 unmatched performance for residue sizing, soil mixing, herbicide incorporation and field finish while reducing draft and compaction. Choose from the Class l Seed Bed Finishing Model 7300 with narrow 7-3/4' blade spacing or the Class ll All-Purpose Model 7300 with wide 9-1/8' blade spacing.

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