- Flexible Seedbed Harrow



Flexible seedbed harrow in working widths from 2.2 - 6.4 m. The Kulti-Dan is mounted with 4 rows of 10x32 mm tines with a tine row distance of 40 cm which will allow trash and stones to pass through. The tine angle can easily be adjusted in 4 different positions depending on soil type and working duty. The large 600x12 wheels ensure the depth accuracy to be most exact and the depth is easily and quickly adjusted by the handle equipped with the depth setting scale. The Kulti-Dan has hydraulic folding to transport width of 2.40 m for the models 4.60 m and 5.80 m and the transport width of 3.00 m for 5.20 and 6.40 m. The Kulti-Dan programme contains a wide range of extra equipment meaning that the harrow can be adjusted for all soil types.

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