Model KUTM Series - Poppy Seeds Separator



Poppy seeds separators are special sieving sorters of the production line KUT, which are destined to separate poppy seeds from poppy. For higher efficiency of cleaning and in order to sell poppy for pharmaceutical companies, is this machine fitted with pair of sieves.The basic request is the best quality of separation poppy and poppy seeds. Machine construction is designed to spill the sorting crops on the sieves, so the poppy seeds are completely spilled out of the poppy. Machines marked „2S“ are fitted with two lines of the sieves – bottom and upper. These sieves sort the crops into 3 parts: poppy seeds to sale, poppy seeds not to sale and pre-cleaned poppy. Upper sieves aren´t cleaned, the bottom are cleaned by rubber balls.

Data are valid for separating poppy seeds in max. moisture 8-10%.

Air consumption is meant as an aspiration of the dust during spilling the poppy on the separator. This can vary according to the kind of transport to the separator.

Separator KUT 100/300-2S is fitted with anouther sieve, which sorts the waste poppy from the pre-cleaned poppy seeds. So the costs for next cleaning are lower.

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