Model KUTR - Small Seeds Cleaner



Small seeds cleaner KUTR sorts and cleanes the crops very precisely, using sieves and air at the same time. Heavy particles come through sieves and low density particles are lifted and comes along the sieve together with bigger particles.

Machine is driven by a pair of vibromotors. The machine is fitted with 2 sieves above each other, each row has 3 sieves in sequence. Such arrangement of sieves anables sorting of product to three sieves throughts an two oversize flows. The sieves are cleaned by  flexible balls. Quantity of air coming through each sieve is finely adjustable. The excact choice of sieves according to recycling material with exact regulation of quantity of air guarantee exact dimensional sorting and also by specific weight. Cleaness of the crops is above 99,5 % separatable impurities and admixture. The speed of material flow by machine can be change according to need. The sieves are easily replaceable according to need of cleaning material.  Machine is aspired by radial fan (RVK). Aspirated air should be cleaned by cyclone separator or by filter. Usability various fraction depends on quality of cleaning raw material and on the choice subsumed sieves and on amount of through the air.

Crops cleaned on the celaning machine KUTR, must be perfectly pre-cleaned to reach the high final duality. It is suitable to complete sieve separator KUTR by gravity table separator KPS.

  • Sparing to crops
  • Perfect cleaning of the whole machine
  • Small dimensions and compact construction
  • Low electricity comsumption
  • Simple sieve changing

  • Sorting and cleaning machine for small seeds and poppy seeds
  • Sorting machine in peeling lines
  • Cleaning semolina in mills
  • Sorting machine in milling lines
  • Sorting and cleaning machine for sorting crops, incl. calibration
  • Sorting and cleaning of the technical materiál, plastics, rubber, crushed pressworks, etc.

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