Bijlsma Hercules B.V.

Model KV 2800 - Box Fillers



For compact solutions a KV 2800 is highly recommended, especially for complete solutions with less space where boxes need to be filled.
The machine is specially designed to be moved simply by means of a fork lifttruck, to that place where trucks or other bulk store equipment need to be unloaded. In combination with the conveyor TCL a very keen system can be deliverd, suitable for all users.

Machine standard equipped with:

  • Buckling belt with a single kink, therefore the speed of filling of the boxes is optimally and the products will be put in the boxes as flat as possible
  • The unique concept of loading makes sure that the product is distributed optimally over the boxes, so ventilation and cooling of the box is maximal when stored. The lack of filling cones makes sure there are no impervious parts in the boxes. This will improve the product quality directly.
  • Height adjustable base frame
  • Supports and guides on the main frame for proper placement of the boxes
  • Adjustment possibility to put the filler in the center of the boxes during filling, depending on the dimensions of the crates this can be replaced minimally.
  • BLS Line Module System

  • Capacity ± 50 t/h
  • Input height 1.700 mm.
  • Length feed conveyor2.800 mm.
  • Width feed conveyor800 mm.
  • Feed conveyor drive2* 0.37 kW
  • Feed conveyor relocation drive0.75 kW
  • Maximum height2.200 mm.
  • Minimum box l*w*h1400*1100*1000 mm.
  • Maximum box l*w*h1800*1500*1250 mm.
  • Weight860 kg.

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