Bijlsma Hercules B.V.

Model KV 40 - Box Fillers



The KV 40 is suitable for filling boxes with a maximum height of 1.250mm. The last part of the belt is angled causing a smooth landing of the product in the centre of the box. The machine is provided with a solid frame, equipped with castorwheels. At the top of the machine the output has been foreseen, during the filling process this gutter can be lifted. At the KV 40-0,5S an fully automatic fall breaker has been provided as shown on the top picture. With this system the product is put into the box very gently.

Machine standard equipped with:

  • Folding fall breaker at outputside of the machine, which brings your product carefully to the box or crate
  • Solid undercarriage with casters, on which the machine can be swivelled without difficulties above the boxes at the KV 40-0,5S.
  • The KV 40-0,5 is equipped with two movable wheels, with these wheels the machine can be shifted manually.
  • Electrical in height adjustable fall chute EBVB at the KV 40-0,5S.

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