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- Model RAU Explorer Series - Trailed Sprayers


All RAU Explorer trailed sprayers have been designed in accordance with the legislation and environmental requirements for the crop sprayers. The machine is equipped with high tech regulation systems, including advanced management systems for rinsing and priming.Rau Explorer trailed sprayers feature an extendable wheel axle: inside and outside wheel rims are designed for 150-180 cm and 180-225 cm track spacing respectively. The sprayer can be coupled with MTZ tractors of the 1.4 class.

HSS Boom balance system
The HSS boom is available with a double articulation joint which prevents torsion.The boom freely balances around the top pendulum and can also pivot around the central pivoting point. Therefore the boom automatically adapts to hilly conditions and remains stable during turning.

HSS Boom (from 18 to 30 m) is the result of Кverneland Rau's project to design and develop a boom which meets all the parameters of a perfect sprayer boom.Triangular structure against torsion, adjustable carriage stops, mechanical locking devices and closed cylinders in working position to suppress yaw. The perfect integration of stainless steel spraylines and optimal hose routing are the guarantee of perfect spraying quality. Hinges with bearings and grease points contribute to a long-lasting service life.

FMC (FlowMate Control) Spray Computer is a remote control system to program pressure depending on the speed from the operator’s cab. The forward speed, fertiliser rate of l/min, amount of l/ha, track, spraying width are all shown on the display screen. The computer has a field memory for 20 different fields. The FMC controls the auto rinsing and priming and turns off the agitation system for minimal liquid residue.

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