Model KVOR Series - Dry Stoner



Dry destoners are designed for removing of stones and other heavy admixtures from the main flow of grain and other crops and materials.  Sorted material is fed to inclined sieve, where fluidized bed results from vibrations and the passing air flow. Lighter material flows downward along the sieve. Heavier material gets upward due to vibrations of sieve. Other function of this machine is dividing flow of material to light and heavy fractions, their proportion can be set continuously. Individual mixtures may be separated with specific weight difference of 20 % and higher.

Aspiration air is suctioned by air fan. Exhausted air may be connected to central aspiration or into centrifugal dust cyclone, resp. air recycling system. The air recycling system serves to minimizing of quantity of outgoing air.

To achieve optimal sorting quality it is possible to fine tune the machine’s slope as well as the amount of the air flow. Part of the air is removed from the recirculation system into that of central aspiration.

  • Small dimensions and compact construction
  • Energy and investment costs saving
  • Easy adjustment of operation parameters
  • Dust-free run
  • Perfect function

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