KW Automation

KW Automation

- Circular Weight Grader with Collecting Drums



KW Automation graders allow for accuracy in quality of grading resulting in better appearance and positive enhancement of produce. Accuracy is provided by a unique 4 point linkage system utilised on all weight graders m the KW range and gives great flexibility to gently handle most fruit types and sizes. KW Circular Weight Graders are designed and manufactured in Australia using latest construction and design techniques. All equipment meets stringent standards and is designed to operate either separately or as part of the fully integrated KW processing line.

  • Gentlest handling of your fruit.
  • Large capacity rotating collecting drums.
  • KDff tested and approved for sensitive fruit.
  • Flexibility to handle most delicate fruit types, ie. tomato, mango, stonefruit. apples, citrus, avocado.
  • Reject chute for undersize fruit.
  • F«# after sales support and warranty.
  • Accuracy provided by 4 point linkage system.
  • Availablein 6 or 8 size confieuration.
  • Easily and quickly change weigh stations for different fruit types.
  • Special designs to suit potatoes, button squash and other vegetables and fruit.
  • Includes 1.5m singulator and two rotating packing tables that each hold two fruit trays.

  • Extra rotating packing tables
  • Extra large packing tables to hold 4 fruit trays
  • Right angle feed singulator
  • Extended sineulators

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