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Model KWT 2000 - Trailed Rotary Tedders


The champion among the rotary tedders. Delivering results - with a 19.6 m (64‘4“) working width.18 small-diameter rotors provide an optimum spread. Rugged build with extra strong beams. Convenient: Hydraulic depth control. Easy: Change between transport and work position at the touch of a button. Unique from KRONE: Steered running gear with working and transport mode. Compact transport machine tracks behind the tractor. Excellent tracking in work mode The steering is tuned to the bogie wheels – no scuffing.

6 to 10 rotors
  • KWT 7.82/6x7 / KWT 8.82/8 / KWT 11.22/10
    7.80 m -11.00 m (25'7'- 36'1') work widths
  • Sequence control for maximum operator comfort
  • 40 km/h (25 mph), wide transport running gear, large wheels
  • Swinging transport running gear, excellent distribution of weight which does not affect the spread pattern but ensures effective protection of the sward

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