- Welding Water Troughs


Kyle Welding has been making water tanks and troughs for over the past fifty years, some are still being used today. Kyle Welding livestock water troughs are constructed of 12 gauge galvanized sheet metal, not tin. They have an angle iron reinforcement around the upper perimeter and cross braces across the middle, a 2” drain outlet, and overflow outlet, and can be fitted with an inlet for a float valve. Popular sizes are 400, 500, 1000, and 1250 gallons, however the list does not stop there.

GallonsDimensions (w x h x l)4004'w X 2'h X 8'l5004'w X 2'h X 10'l
6004'w X 2'h X 12'l
7004'w X 2'h X 14'l
8004'w X 2'h X 16'l
9004'w X 2'h X 18'l
10004'w X 2'h X 20'l
12505'w X 2'h X 20'l
19207'8'w X 2'h X 20'l (with baffles)

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