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Agrex S.p.A.

- Model KYLO - Fertilizer Spreaders



The KYLO SYSTEM allows to gear automatically the opening of the dosing gates up to the speed of the tractor and the peculiarities of the fertilizer’s flow. More respect of the environment and economic savings are the results of the extraordinary precision in spreading and the easy use of the KYLO SYSTEM.

The available models are:

  • KYLO: Capacity from 1500 to 3000 liters

Your benefits:

  • A strong structured frame with on-line weighing up to a load of 3.000 kg. The weighing system is integrated in the fertilizer spreader frame.
  • For working on slopes there is no lateral stress of the weighing cell because hopper frame and distribution are a single body.
  • The easy setting of spreading quantity and spreading width increase working comfort and security.
  • GPS adaptable
  • All mechanical and electronic security devices are made according to EU safety regulations
  • The very simple maintenance is reduced to a minimum

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