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Model L-0,3x2 - Grain Dryer Bin



Grain dryer consists of a base is a welded construction. Two pan set on top of the base and connected with him axles. On each tray installed: partition and box assembly. At the bottom of the installed base heating unit with fan. Dryer is equipped with a control board. The product is loaded into the box product. The fan, and then heating the section in turn before reaching the desired temperature of air blown by fans. The air temperature and drying time are set according to the listened-culture and its moisture content. The fan pushes the warm air in the trays. From there, through the holes in the perforated septum heated air passes through the product, carrying out its drying. To improve the drying box from the top is covered with a lid made of perforated galvanized sheet. After drying, the product is unloaded from the dryer. To facilitate the discharge has a boom-and-turn drier boxes on the axes.

Purpose and scope: Dryer bin SL-0,3x2 is designed for drying grain seeds before pledging their deposit. Suitable drying in farms, currents, and other storage and processing of grain.

  1. Compact mobile design;
  2. Temperature control can be stepped or smooth with high accuracy to maintain on request;
  3. It is possible to install the optimal modes due to the wide range of the temperature and the control of air volume used for drying;
  4. The slope of drying containers provided for product discharge greatly facilitates the operation and reduces the drying cycle.

  • Drying time, h 4-8
  • Installed capacity, kW 11,0
  • Number of drying chambers 2
  • Weight, kg 315
  • Overall dimensions, mm
    • length 2500
    • width 1360
    • height  1570   

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