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Model L02Air - Vacuum Pulsators



L02 has been supercharged! The well-known milking performances have been improved, thanks to the 50% more AirBoost!    L02Air grants a uniform, gentle milking in every operating conditions; thanks to the oversized filtering surface. The new design permits to clean the air filter with just one finger, without removing the cover. This makes L02Air a really 'service free' vacuum Pulsator!


  • Improved milking performances
  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • Reinforced internal partition walls: additional protection from impurities
  • Maintenance free
  • Sturdy and reliable

The air filter can be cleaned with just one finger.
The upper part of the cover is particularly ideal for bucket milking, because it grants a sturdy locking.
The updates also concern the internal design of the cover: the partition wall further protects the mechanism from impurities while the ribbings ensure the product is solid and sturdy.

L80Air is available with the standard Milking Ratios and it represents the evolution of a classic of Pulsation, the perfect solution for the farmer who’s looking for a LegendAir product!

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