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Traceability is an important stage of product processing because it enables the entire production journey of every single product to be traced in detail. The aim, with this technology, is to identify the product at the very start of processing and trace its progress throughout the production process, recording all the information produced along the way. The information collected during processing makes it possible to retrace the product’s journey at any time and to identify its provenance.

100% Made in Unitec.

Our UNI_TRACER traceability system is designed and built in-house in order to guarantee our customers uncompromising quality and the option of customizing the technology to individual specifications. UNI_TRACER produces excellent results in term of efficiency in production processes where it is used.

Ongoing innovation.

UNI_TRACER traceability system modules are produced with technology that is constantly updated in order to adapt to every processing line and every requirement of fruit & vegetable processing plants. Each module is designed not only to help customers to comply with requirements imposed by current regulations governing the fruit & vegetable production chain, but also with the aim of increasing the efficiency of every processing stage through automation of the various processes. UNI_TRACER traceability systems optimize processing and enhance continuity, while reducing the need for manual intervention by personnel to a minimum. Our traceability system enables analysis of data collected throughout the entire production process, facilitating statistical analysis of the processed product and generating productivity figures that enable constant monitoring of fruit & vegetable processing efficiency.
After processing, product will be labeled with bar-codes containing all information gathered during the whole process.

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