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The compact LactiCheck Mini Milk Analyzer provides a complete raw milk composition profile, including 10 parameters (including an optional pH measurement), in about 60 seconds! Robust and reliable, the LC-Mini offers three separate channels for testing cow, sheep and goat milk. The peristaltic pump and the unique flow-thru design facilitate high accuracy in results and greater automation in cleaning! A built-in alarm, including acoustic and visual prompts, reminds the operator of cleaning requirements. RS-232 output to PC or Printer. Ideal for farm level testing. For farm benefits using milk composition testing on farm level, please download our Farm Benefits information sheet.

LactiCheck™ Mini Raw Milk Analyzer.
Measuring Parameters:
Fat: Cow Milk: 0.5 - 10% (±0.1%)
Sheep Milk: 0.5 - 10%
Goat Milk: 0.5—10%
Solids Not Fat (SNF): 3 -15% (±0.15%)
Density: 1.0150-1.0400 g/cm3(±0.0005)
Lactose: 1.0 -12% (±0.2%)
Protein: 2 - 7% (±0.15%)
Added Water in Milk: 1 - 70% (± 3%)
Freezing Point:.0.3°C to –0.7°C
Measuring Cycle: ~ 60 seconds
Expected life span: . 10 - 15000 Tests

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