- Model MILA - Milk Test Laboratory Automation


The Milktest Laboratory Automation, shortly MILA, was developed by Lactotronic with the aim of automating the milk sample handling in routine central analysis laboratories.

Operation Process

From sample reception or cold storage-rooms the crates with samples are fed into the crate input unit of the MILA by operator. Once the start button is pushed the samples are prepared for the further analysis completely automated. MILA is preparing the samples autonomous without physical connection to the analyzer, therefore it is useful for any type of supplier for single or combi analyzers. MILA has a great capacity with a range of 600 milk samples per hour which are prepared and measured without any assistance of operator needed. The sample load storage on the MILA is for example 600 samples with a volume of 40ml each. It is always possible to remove empty crates and add loaded crates to the crate input unit.

Costs reducing milk laboratory automation

By using the milktest laboratory automation it is easily possible to prepare a great amount of milk samples of fresh delivered milk and milk output samples for the further analysis, for example in payment laboratories and dairy herd improvement laboratories. One operator is able to handle 3 or more MILA units. As a consequence the costs per test can be reduced and it enables a short return of the investment.

MILA: Our solution for You

MILA is the solution especially for constant and stable throughput of samples to the analyzing instrument. Easy in use, the operator can feed the MILA with a large number of samples, which are then prepared and measured completely automated. Constant temperature and stable handling of samples guarantee an identical preparation for each sample and a good and reproducible operator independent analyzing result.

Customized Equipment Arrangement

Each laboratory has different prerequisites and requirements. Therefore the installation of our equipment can be customized to the particular laboratory situation. Suitable polypropylene vials, racks and crates can be arranged by us.


Our shredder is a product designed for crunching disposable plastic vials which are used for milk analysis. For proper disposal of used and emptied milk sample bottles we offer this shredding machine as an optional integration in the MILA system or as a stand-alone system. Designed by Lactotronic especially for the smooth disposal of vials from MILA system, our Shredder is an optimal addition for the MILA automation system for milk samples treatment.

After being emptied, the sample vials are fed into the shredder and grinded automatically. In this way the resulting plastic waste of the milk analysis can be fed to the recycling loop.

Our Shredder is made of stainless steel and convinces by its performance and robustness. In case of disturbance there is a full automatic anti-lock braking system which will change the direction of rotation for a few seconds and then switch back to the normal operating mode. The estimated throughput speed is 8000 bottles per hour.

Technical specifications (for the stand-alone unit):
  • Shredder is made of stainless steel SS 304
  • Stainless steel case (dimensions 300 x 300 x 250 mm)
  • Tubular casing 60 x 60 x 3 mm
  • Protected manual bottles imports
  • Motor 2.1 kW, blades 25 rpm, accessible for cleaning
  • Safety switches included
  • Power Switch 4 x 16 A
  • Transformer
  • PLC steering
  • Motor heat and current protection
  • Start / Stop switch
  • Warning light

  • Fully automated sample offering to analyzing instruments
  • Accurate and constant sample preparation
  • More stable results by controlled sample handling
  • Reduction of costs per sample
  • Quick return on investment

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