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Lactolyser MIRA, the milk analyzer by Lactotronic. The Lactolyser MIRA is a high precision milk analyzer especially designed for the dairy industry. More than 25 years of experience in infra-red spectroscopy is used for the compact design of the MIRA.

The infra red optical unit is designed and manufactured according to the quality standards of Lactotronic. It uses the Infra-red (IR) absorption spectra for the various components to determine the total contents of the components in milk and milk products. A reliable pressure pump drives the high pressure homogenizer which provides evenly homogenized samples for high-precision measurement.

Measuring Components

The determination of fat, protein, lactose, solids non fat and total solids is measured in the standard milk analyzer Lactolyser MIRA. Optional is the depression of freezing point (FPD). Our milk analyzer comes in a handy desk-top format for use on a laboratory table or desk.

Milk Analyzer is Simple to operate

The Lactolyser MIRA is an excellent milk processing equipment for accurately analyzing dairy samples. The intuitive user-software and the general easy operating of the instrument enable a maximum of efficiency. Just a one-button operation for most of the measurements. The user can select one of the preset products or can use the Smart Calibration Option. With this option the milk analyzer measures and determines by itself what product file has to be used for the particular product.

Automatic Cleaning and Zeroing

After a preset time, the MIRA automatically cleans itself to prevent contamination or even blockage of the fluid mechanics, no operator action is required for that. An automatic zero setting is conducted after a preset time as well.

Multi-product Measurement

Due to the large number of product files and the accuracy of the measurements the MIRA is ideal for standardized application in the dairy industry.

MIRA Mobile

Lactotronic is also manufacturing a mobile version of the Lactolyser MIRA, which is intended to be used on or in combination with milk collecting trucks during sample taking. It is capable to work with a power supply of 12, 24 Volts DC (set up as standard in trucks and vans) or 230 Volts AC. The portable version is developed for simultaneously collecting and analyzing milk samples, especially useful for instant checking of the composition of the product.

Purchasing Arguments for our Milk Analyzer
  • Ease of operation of MIRA
  • Results are user-independent
  • Automatic cleaning of the instrument
  • Smart select – recognition of the measured product
  • Very high precision and repeatability
  • Ideal for product standardization of dairy companies
  • Sustainable quality
  • Low maintenance expenditure

  • Fat: 0 – 20%
  • Cream: 0 – 55%
  • Protein: 0 – 10%
  • Lactose: 0 – 15%
  • special version for whey concentrate available
  • Repeatability: ≤ 0.25%
  • Accuracy: ≤ 1% (Röse Gottlieb, Kjeldahl, Polimetry, Gravimetric)
  • Measuring speed: typically 120 samples/hour
  • Sample temperature: 2-42 °C
  • Fluid containers: 2 x 5 litre
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Dimensions (w*h*d): approx. 48,5cm * 36,5cm * 48cm

  • MIRA can be supplied with a built-in accessory for measuring all kinds of whey and whey concentrate (prerequisite: no crystallization)
  • Analyzed components: fat, protein, lactose, total solids (TS), solids-non-fat (SNF) and freezing point depression (FPD)
  • Broad range of dairy products analyzable: raw milk, UHT milk, pasteurized milk, condensed milk,  skimmed milk, semi skimmed milk, whole milk, whey, whey concentrate, cream etc.
  • Smart select option- automatic recognition of measured product
  • Automatic Cleaning and Zeroing
  • Internal sample heating
  • User Touchscreen & Sound signal
  • Two ports for interconnection with printer and computer
  • Incl. user software for computer for collecting measured data
  • Number of product files in MIRA: 15 or more
  • Number of product files on connected computer is unlimited

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