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At LAFORGE we know that farming conditions change rapidly and that our customers need versatile and adaptable equipment solutions to meet these challenges. Equipping your tractor with a front hitch system drastically increases its flexibility and it can have a great impact on fuel economy and productivity. LAFORGE has been providing market leading front hitch solutions for 30 years in Europe, and for the last 20 years also in North America. We have been awarded a multitude of patents and engineering awards on both continents.


The extensive experience, and the fact that LAFORGE is the only brand with a corporate presence both in Europe and North America, assures that a LAFORGE hitch on your Deutz-Fahr tractor will be backed by the best service and support. Independent agents and import/export houses cannot measure up to our commitment to our brand and our customers.

MDI 3 is a recent result of our efforts to enhance the performance of your Deutz-Fahr built tractor. With three (3) metric ton lift capacity (6,600 LBS) it is more than adequate for most customers that are looking for a standard front hitch for applications like cultivators, sprayers, mowers, snow blowers, packers, etc.

MDI 3 is designed with a welded frame with bolt-on side reinforcements back to the clutch housing for maximum rigidity and durability. The hitch becomes an integrated part of the tractor and the maneuverability is fully retained.

The lift arms converge when folded for improved visibility and compatibility with narrow front end loader booms. (Please contact Laforge, or your tractor dealer, to check on loader compatibility.)

MDI 3 maintains the tractor’s ground clearance. MDI 3 is compact with minimal overhang from the front face This hitch is compatible with the Big Pack weights that are so popular in Europe.

MDI 3 is available for Deutz-Fahr tractors as follows:
Agrotron 120, 130, 150, and K110

Front PTO Compatibility: MDI 3 is compatible with the new LAFORGE FrontPower 1000, FrontPower 540, as well as the Counter-ISO rotating PTO that is available in selected markets.

  • Class: Standard
  • Category: Cat_2/Cat_3N
  • Compatible With
  • Laforge PTO : Yes
  • Factory PTO : No
  • Factory Loader : See notes above
  • Quick Attach System : hook-and-ball
  • Rated Lift Capacity: 3000 Kg/6600 LBS
  • ISO Lift Capacity:
  • Lift Range: 700 mm/27.6 inch
  • Independent Floating Lower Links : No

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