Lagoon and Ground Basin Sealing


This sealing system is made with a special patented L.D.P.E. membrane with a thickness of 1.5 mm. With this membrane we can easily cover all the surface of a basin dug in the ground ensuring the complete water tightness. The material is totally recyclable.

The membrane material is blended with a special plasticizer that gives an extra flexibility and elasticity needed in the cases where the ground is not completely stable changing shape with the water pressure. To the material is even added the carbon black in order to let the membrane resist to the action of the UV rays. Thanks to the special chemical composition, this sealing membrane is warranted for 8 years against the UV action.

This membrane is worldwide used for the following purposes:

Dumps bottom sealing, water reservoirs, water treatment plants, liquid products storage, polluting products storage, lagoon sealing, farm manure recovery, rain water collection reserve tanks.

The main welding of the membrane rolls is made with automatic hot air welding machine that makes a double line welding with a pressure air tight check chamber. The other ending weldings are made with manual hot air welders.

In the event of stony or not homogenous grounds the membrane is protected with a geotextile foam membrane that is laid directly on the ground.

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