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Sukup Bucket Elevators incorporate industry leading technology and are built to your specifications. UHMW seals on all shafts, durable SOFR rubber belting, heavy-gauge trunking, oversized access ports, and Low Impact Head design make this elevator the engineering benchmark for grain handling.


  • Low-impact, controlled discharge head design with split-style hood allows for easy interior accessibility
  • Externally-mounted, heavy-duty pillow block bearings include adjustability with standard jack bolts on head.
  • Lifting eyes are located on the hood of the elevator to ease hood assembly and removal
  • Adjustable throat wiper.
  • Interior lip to keep moisture out and dust in
  • Expanded metal-back urethane liner standard on 36” and larger
  • Tapered bushing at pulley to eliminate lateral movement
  • Split hood allows for easy interior accessibility without having to completely remove the hood.
  • Easy, tool-free access doors at head.
  • Heavy structual frame on head.
  • Heavy-duty, crowned face, slide lagged head pulley
  • Head platforms come preassembled from factory.
  • Ball Bearings come standard on head shaft sizes 3 7/16” and smaller. Sukup utilizes Roller Bearings for head shaft sizes 3 15/16” and larger. Roller Bearings are optional on all smaller bucket elevators. Split Roller Bearings come standard on 5 7/16” and larger head shaft sizes.


  • Square, parallel, fixture-welded, dust- and weather-tight heavy-gauge trunking with large removable panels on inspection section
  • Squaring plates and alignment pins (patent pending) are at the top and bottom of every section to align trunking and eliminate twisted trunk sections, making assembly easier.
  • Turned, ground and polished shaft.
  • Optional gravity take-up.
  • Standard and flared inlet hoppers


  • Large, easy, tool-free access doors with a unique spring latch and rollers on each end.
  • Externally-mounted, heavy-duty pillow block bearings
  • Smooth, crown-faced boot pulley.
  • Hat section at bottom of clean-out doors to minimize contact with concrete
  • Corrosion-resistant Acme screw take-up
  • Bolted construction for easy repair and replacement

Other Features

  • Static conductive, Oil resistant, and Fire Retardant (SOFR) rubber belting is standard on all Sukup bucket elevators.
  • Belt Misalignment Sensors
  • Spiral Winged Pulley Increased pulley-to-belt contact over winged pulley. Eliminates noise caused by winged pulleys.
  • Gravity Take-Up Eases overall use of your bucket elevator. Maintains proper belt tension, and reduces maintenance.
  • High-density, non-sparking, polyethylene buckets.
  • Nylon, urethane and steel buckets are optional when moving highly abrasive materials.
  • Vented buckets are also available.
  • Large platforms increases safety because there is more room to work.

Optional Features

  • A Winged Pulley prevents material collecting on the pulley face.
  • Standard and Flared Inlet Hoppers Also available with optional 10 gauge abrasion-resistant liners.
  • Valving
  • Distributors
  • Guy Brackets
  • Shovel Pockets
  • Motion Sensors
  • Ceramic Chip Urethane Lining
  • Bearing and Surface Sensors
  • Ladder & Cage Assembly
  • Reducer Backstops

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