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- Gentle Seed Bucket Elevators



Lambton gentle handling/ seed galvanized bucket elevators are designed to prevent damage to delicate crops like lentils, peas and pulse crops. This is accomplished by using slower speeds to drop the grain into the discharge, rather than throwing it. All of our equipment is CAD designed and CNC produced. Some popular accessories include various platforms, ladder, safety cage, discharge transitions, boot inlet hoppers, and electrical monitoring equipment. (Note that, due to varying models in this classification, features will vary)

Head features:

  • Heavy-duty roller pillow block bearings on adjustable shim plates
  • UV resistant HDPE dust seals
  • 1/4″ UHMW curved top of head liner
  • Discharge lining options : UHMW, A.R. steel, Urethane, etc.
  • Split head design for easy access
  • Slide-lagged head pulleys
  • Inspection ports

Trunking features:

  • Double legged trunking assemblies for quicker assembly (no tie-angles – makes erection faster and easier)
  • Hem-locked seams
  • 14 gauge standard (12 gauge and stainless options)
  • Standard 10’ and 5’ sections
  • 10’ inspection section is standard with each elevator and has removable side panels and inspection ports
  • Flanges weld to trunking using only silicon-bronze MIG wire to prevent corrosion

Boot features:

  • Removable cleanout ends
  • ACME rod take-up
  • Heavy duty die springs for belt take-up, semi-self-adjusting
  • UV resistant HDPE dust seals
  • Rod slatted and crowned pulley (winged pulley optional)
  • Optional configurations: cleanout drawer, self-cleaning, gravity take-up

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