- Model LE26 - Log Splitter



Log splitter for professional use, made from strong structure.

  • power: 26t,
  • MULTISPEED (serial),
  • splitting length 119 cm, splitting stroke 118 cm,
  • hydraulic log lifter, big splitting table,  4-way wedge with hydraulic adjustable height,
  • oil level with thermometer, big suction filter,  big oil tank (60 ltr. oil 32 HVLP).

  • 6- or 8-way wedge.

  • log splitter winch with 1000 kg pull strength with remote control,
  • oil cooler 12V, XTREMSPEED (almost 50% faster),
  • remote control for complete machine.

  • h1 1. gear, h2 2. gear, r – move of the cylinder backwards.

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