- Model LS-7000 HDC - High Output Box Spreader



Lanco Manufacturing’s High Output series is designed to live up to its name. Twin webs allow for material to be fed out of the 78”-wide opening and into the teeth of massive 18”-diameter horizontal beaters. From there, spinners spread your material evenly across the pattern. With such a wide width and no “V” in the sides, bridging is impossible.

  • Twin Webs with 88C chain
  • Reversible Beater teeth - wear 'em down, flip 'em and keep going!
  • Hydraulic Endgate
  • Twin Beaters
  • Sensor that links the beaters to the web - if your beaters come under heavy load, the web will slow down so as to not overload them.
  • Three pumps, each one dedicated to the web, beaters and spinners.

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