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- Land Leveler


At Fabrication S. Houle we have a complete range of land levellers that can help you accomplish the task. Our land levelers can be equipped with scarifying teeth designed to break hard ground surfaces, a GPS or a laser post for precision work, positioning headlights for road trips, agricultural or industrial tires mounted in tandem in order to reduce the machine’s waddle, a hydraulic tilting system to work ground along the ditches. All of these are just a few of the long list of features that can be ordered when purchasing our land levellers.

  • the unique design of our curved frame allows dirt to roll inside the basket thus increasing the capacity while preventing lifting of the unit;
  • tires mounted in tandem using a floatation system to minimize the waddle;
  • its ability to accomplish multiple tasks (carry, grade, move, level and finish) with one only unit.

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