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- Model AFM4211 - All-Flex Mower


The AFM4211 All-Flex Mower provides excellent cut quality and performance on lush turf grasses on expansive and well manicured areas such as fairways, parks, schoolyards, sports fields, and small estates. The AFM4211 is available with slip-clutch or conventional wing driveline configurations. The mower offers independent deck flotation and zero turning radius due to the sleek frame design. When you need to transport from one mowing site to another the hydraulic wing cylinders will easily lift the wing decks for a 7’-8' transport width. The contour following capability, highly productive 11’ cutting width, and rear discharge design of the floating cutting decks will greatly reduce wide-area cutting times and still deliver finely groomed surfaces at mowing speeds from 2-6 mph.

  • Counter blade rotation on left hand deck
  • 7’-8” transport width at lowest cutting height
  • 6” Deck overlap
  • 11’-1” Cutting width – three 48” decks
  • Sleek frame design, including single beam hitch and compact deck overlap
  • Automatic transport wing locks
  • 18” Transport tires with tapered roller bearings
  • Removable transportation tire spindles
  • Back wheels on side decks even with transportation tires
  • Rigid rear side deck tires
  • 13” Deck tires with sealant
  • 1/4” Gauge wheel arms
  • Low pivot points on deck
  • Deflectors built into mower decks
  • Rear discharge
  • Rounded front deck edges with no protruding skid shoe
  • 5/16” Front edge & all-welded seams
  • Cat. 3 Constant velocity main driveline
  • Slip-clutch protection
  • Cat. 2 wing drivelines
  • ABS guards
  • Heavy gearbox mounts on center and side mower decks
  • Easy to grease blade spindles
  • Middle spindle sits towards the back of the mower deck
  • Spring loaded idlers
  • Easy belt tension release
  • High blade tip speed
  • Low Lift Blades
  • Medium Lift Blades
  • High Lift Blades
  • Mulching Blade

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