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- Model RB05 Series - Rear Blades

Land Pride's RB05 Series Rear Blades are an excellent and economical choice for applications in leveling, finish grading, and backfilling at feedlots, building sites, nurseries, and maintenance operations on small farms and home sites. The RB05 is the perfect companion for your sub-compact tractor.

The multitude of forward and reverse working angles, as well as moldboard offset capability, allows the operator to work right up next to retaining walls, abutments and raised curbing. They are excellent for snow removal in the pulling or push blade mode. A retractable parking stand is included to accommodate easier blade removal, storage and remount capabilities. The Land Pride RB05 Series Rear Blades feature 5 forward and 5 reverse working angles up to 30o and are capable of having the 13 1/2' rolled moldboard offset 10' to the left or right.

  • Cat. 0 with Cat. 1 pins
  • Blade angles left and right up to 30 degrees in either direction
  • Blade offsets left and right 10”
  • 13 1/2” Moldboard height
  • Heat treated cutting edge
  • Parking Stand
  • Landscape Rake adaptable
  • Skid shoes (optional)

  • Can fit smaller Cat. 0 tractors.
  • (5 forward positions in 15o increments and 5 reverse positions in 15o increments) Many angles for diverse jobs and results.
  • Manually adjust offset to move moldboard over and keep hitch centered on tractor.
  • Can pull a lot of dirt for a little blade.
  • Hard edge protects the moldboard edge.
  • Store unit with front of hitch off the ground, allows for easier hook-up.
  • 05 Series Landscape Rake element will fit in place of the moldboard for diversity.
  • Set depth of blade to clear obstructions like manhole covers, street cracks.

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