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- Model ZSR54 - Zero-Turn Mower


The ZSR Series zero turn mowers are a 'Super' Razor for those small acreage homeowners who want just a little more. The ZSR offers a wider deck choice, larger rear tires, a floating front axle and 'commercial' quality gears in the wheel motors. The floating front axle is a great feature for rolling and undulating terrain. While in the float position, typically all four wheels will be in contact with the ground, giving you a smoother, more comfortable ride than most zero turn mowers can offer. In the rigid position, the axle allows you to hang the left deck side over the curb for a clean cut.

 1.5 to 4.5 in. Cutting Height:

       Provides a good range of cutting heights in 1/4 in. increments for any type of turf grass.

    Narrow Drive Tire Stance:

       Provides good maneuverability. Allows for tight turns, yet gives a very stable platform over uneven ground.

    High Ground Speed:

       Can mow a lot of grass in a short time.

    Adjustable Steering Levers with Comfort Grip Handles:

       Wide range of adjustments to accommodate almost any size of operator. Grips are designed for operator comfort and sustained productivity.

    Stronger Clean Frame Design:

       Integral frame and hydraulic reservoir construction reduces component clutter under the seat for easy cleanout and service access.

    Single Welded 10 ga. Deck Frame with Reinforced Edges:

       Makes a stronger deck and reduces unwanted flex.

    Rapid Deck Height Adjustment:

       The foot operated with spring assist deck lift and deck stop locater makes for a quick and easy precise cutting height adjustments.

    Easy Clean-Out Deck Top:

       Deck allows air and debris move across the top for improved belt cooling and easy clean out.

    Mid-Mount Deck Design:

       Puts deck closer to operator’s line of sight for more efficient and precise operation.

    Floating Deck Design:

       Chain suspension design provides excellent flotation over uneven terrain.

    Four Anti-Scalp Rollers:

       Two located on deck ends and two located toward mid-decks keeps scalping to a minimum.

    Hydro-Gear Zero-Turn Transaxle Drive Unit on Each Rear Wheel:

       Each rear wheel has an integrated hydrostatic transaxle containing a pump with fan for cooling and drive motor. These units are self contained and maintenance free except for changing hydraulic filters.

    Wide Rear Turf Tread Tires:

       Offers excellent ground flotation and gentle on turf grasses.

    Front Ribbed Tires Mounted in Heavy Duty Pivoting Caster Forks:

       Provide for a quick and durable turning response.

    Electric Clutch Control:

       Provides an easy smooth engagement of the mower blade drive system.

    Single Kevlar™ Drive Belts:

       Drive belts made with Kevlar™ fiber provide long belt life. 1 hydrostatic pump drive belt and 1 deck drive belt is easier to maintain and not as expensive as multiple belt designs.

    1-3/8 in. Blade Spindles Mounted in Ductile Iron Housings:

       Blade spindles and spindle housings are designed to handle heavy shock loads.

    Accessible Blade Spindle Zerks:

       Makes greasing the blade spindles easy.

    Heavy Duty Heat Treated Fusion® High Lift Blades:

       Made from highest quality 0.25 in. thick fusion treated steel for high wear and increase blade life. High lift design stands grass up before cutting.

    High Blade Tip Speed:

       Provides a clean quality cut. (18,300 fpm and higher)

    Electric Start with Choke Control:

       Keyed ignition and manual choke control are placed for 1-handed starting convenience.

    Engine Oriented for Easy Access:

       Oil dipstick, oil drain ports, air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, choke and throttle can be serviced from the rear verses the side.

    Center Mounted Rear Engine:

       Provides maximum mower stability, easy service access, increased leg room, and increased air flow around engine fins to extend engine life.

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