- Model II - 2-Point Fertilizer Applicator



The BLU-JET LandRunner II outperforms and outlasts the competition. The heavy 4'x6' tubular framework gives you the strength to tackle any terrain. Highly versatile row spacing capabilities meet your needs in virtually any application - pre-plant, side-dress, RidgeTill, NoTill, or StripTill. Deep toolbar rank provides superior residue flow.

The 13'6' center section features an adjustable tread-width wheel system, synchronized for accurate depth control, knife penetration is kept uniform even over rough terrain by the unique rocker-plate design providing flex to the wings above and below level.

  • Available in 27'-42.5' widths
  • Standard Row Spacings include 15' 18' 30' & 36'
  • 4'x6'x3/8' Double Bar Frame & Wings
  • 38' Rank
  • 6'x4' Weighted A-Frame Tongue
  • Single, Dual, or Walking Tandem Wheel Assemblies
  • Pin Adjust or Hydraulic Wing Guage Wheels
  • 130° Wing Fold
  • 1x2 flat shanks or 1¼x2 Edgebent Shanks
  • Liquid or Dual Placement Options Available
  • 30,400 lb. Transport Chain

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