- Model TPG - Medium Pressure Long Shaft Manure Slurry Pump



Long-shaft pump for agriculture with cast iron casing and gear for hook-up to tractor PTO. The TPG pump is provided with gear for tractor hook-up at the top (see photo above) but otherwise identical to the MPG pump with electric motor in terms of design, sizes, accessories and other specifications.

  • PTO operation for tractor
  • Three different sizes
  • Pipe diameters 4”, 5” or 6”
  • Capacity up to approx. 500 m³/hour
  • Vertical installation (fixed)

Landia slurry pump type TPG for PTO and MPG for electric operation with 4“, 5“ or 6“ pump pipe from 5.5 - 30.0 kW.

A highly effective, reliable and sturdy pump, especially suited for pumping of slurry and other liquids with a high dry matter content.

  • Long durability, often 10-15 years of operation without repair
  • Pump housing and impeller in cast iron, designed for maximum efficiency
  • Pipe and fittings of hot dip galvanized steel
  • Built for easy service
  • Height-adjustable telescopic drainage pipe
  • Can be supplied for reception and storage tanks up to 7.5 m tank depth
  • Tractor operation with right angle gear for optimum efficiency Chopping


Chopping knives of tempered steel and auger conveyor assure that solids are shredded and thus eli¬minate pump inlet plugging.


Pump housing with extended knife system.


Right angle gear for PTO operation Optimum efficiency: 540 rpm. for4'/5' pumps and 1000 rpm. for 6' pumps Extra equipment can be supplied for installation in storage tank.

Pipe dimension: 4” (ø114), 5” (ø140) or 6” (ø168).

*Power requirement for 4”/5” TPG-pumps at 540 rpm on the power take off.
**Power requirement for 6” TPG-pumps at 1000 rpm on the power take off.

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