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- Heavy Duty Agricultural Failmower



Landmaster is a heavy-duty agricultural flailmower, designed for all types of grass and vegetation maintenance. Its double-skinned chassis combines a unique hydraulic side shift double linkage of 600mm, so all machines can be front or rear mounted. Four belts supply the large diameter rotor with power from the 130hp rated gearbox with inbuilt flywheel. Hammer flails leave an excellent finish on grass and can cope with other vegetation up to 75mm in diameter. Height adjustment ismanaged with the adjustable 220mm diameter rear roller, which incorporates a scraper bar to stop build up.

  • Front and rear mounted as standard
  • 600mm hydraulic side shift
  • 130hp rated gearbox with integral over run clutch
  • Large 220mm diameter ground roller
  • Solid strong double skin frame
  • Four drive belts

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