- Model 2510 Series - In-Row Ripper



The Landoll 2510 Series In-Row Ripper is designed to be a deep-till conservation tillage tool.  Operating in a range from 5” to 20”, the 2510 will leave minimal surface disturbance with maximum horizontal fracturing between the shanks.  The tillage done by the 2510 is just part of the concept that includes enhancement of water and oxygen infiltration into the growth profile. This concept opens the door for exceptional root growth and proliferation of biological activities throughout the soil. Utilization of 2510 In-Row Ripper to its potential can allow better nutrient availability to the crop while improving soil tilth for the following seasons.

The Landoll 2510 Series In-Row Ripper follows a long line of rugged and durable tillage tools that have been part of the tradition at Landoll for decades.  All tillage tools need to be built to handle the stress of the fast paced industry of today.  However, deep-tillage machines with depth capacities well below the normal operating depths need to be especially tough.  In many instances these tools will be operating in profiles that have never been touched by a tillage tool before.  The Landoll 2510 Series has what it takes.  Auto-reset or shear bolt shank assemblies with heavy point loads to maintain preset depths are built tough to handle the job.  Spring cushion lead coulters cut the residue and slice the upper soil to help facilitate minimum surface disturbance. Easily adjustable gauge wheels allow for quick, positive depth changes for different conditions.  Laser cut frame components that are robotically welded provide the foundation for the 2510 Series.  It’s the Landoll way.

There are nearly as many ways to operate the 2510 In-Row Ripper as there are customers who run them.  Everyone seems to have their own expectation from the operation.  That is the beauty of the 2510.  It can be set for in-row ripping.  It can be set for on-row ripping.  It can be set deep.  It can be set shallow.  It can be used in the fall (recommended).  It can be used on summer fallow soils.  It can be used in spring (use caution).  The 2510 is available in 4, 5, 6 and 7 shank sizes.  Horsepower requirements will range from 30 HP per shank and up.

  • 6” x 4” x 3/8” Double Bar Frame
  • Cat. II or Cat. III Three-Point Hitch, Quick Hitch Compatible
  • Auto-Reset Straight Leg Shanks
  • Shear Bolt Straight Leg Shanks Offered
  • 3,500 lbs. Point Load
  • 17” Trip Height
  • 1 1/4” x 5” x 36” Shank Leg
  • V-Shaped Wearstrips
  • 2” V-Cast C.A.D.I. (Carbidic, Austempered, Ductile Iron) Points
  • Adjustable 20” Spring Cushioned Lead Coulters
  • 20.5 x 8-10 8 Ply Tires on Screw Adjustable Gauge Wheels
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • LED Safety Warning Lights

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