- 3-Point Fertilizer Applicator



The BLU-JET LandRunner 3-point Fertilizer Applicator outperforms and outlasts the competition. The heavy 4'x6' tubular framework with deep penetrating welds at critical points gives you the strength to tackle any terrain. Highly versatile row spacing capabilities meet your needs in virtually any application; pre-plant, side-dress, RidgTill, or NoTill. Contact a member of the BLU-JET sales team to find out if your row spacing is compatible.

  • Available in 27'-41' widths
  • Standard Row Spacings Include 30' 36'
  • 4'x6' Double Bar Mainframe & Wings
  • Hydraulic Wing Cylinder Rocker Plates
  • 38' Toolbar Rank
  • Vertical or Pin Adjust Gauge Wheels
  • 1x2 flat shanks
  • Optional In-line Transport

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